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Is That All There Is-Farewell to ProStores

Posted by GSE on

After 5 years serving the ProStores eCommerce Community it's with a sad heart that I say goodbye to a platform that has served us all well. It had its bugs, it was admittedly dated, but—as many of us who are moving into new platforms have discovered—it had its virtues and strengths as well that have been hard to replace.

My test ProStores, (raised from the ashes, but not quite yet its old self), as well as, had become a resource to many merchants and Tech Support Agents alike for web design, SSML code solutions, and tutorials on how to configure various aspects of the platform. It was pleasure putting these resources together, and a joy to know that so many benefited from the long evening hours spent creating them.

But time stands still for no man (or technology), so let us raise a symbolic glass to an old friend as it sails off into the night.

Like many ProStores merchants, I have moved on to Bigcommerce, both as a Partner/Reseller and as a merchant. I chose to migrated my "real" ProStores account,, to the platform in empathetic solidarity with the mass of ProStores refugees in need of a new home. Since I've been busy helping other merchants with their migration from ProStores to Bigcommerce, my own site is being neglected (isn't that the way it goes?). I'll be working on it as time allows, and hope, before long, to have it up & running again better than before.

I'm excited about this new venture, helping merchants with their migration process, and getting my own store back in shape. Nostalgia aside, Bigcommerce has many features that ProStores' merchants had been requesting for years, such as the abandoned cart saver, product reviews, a wide variety of payment gateways, and—of course—an integrated blog. There are also some powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools that I am looking forward to working with.

I look forward as well to developing this site,, and this blog into a resource like as well, sharing my insights and experience as I move through the merchant experience.

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