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About Us

About the PlatinumWebGroup

After five years supporting eCommerce merchants with eBay/ProStores, our team is breaking-out and offering the same "platinum" level service to customers around the world [wide web].

Whether you need customizations to your eCommerce or informational web site, a new logo, promotional banner or action button, the PlatinumWebGroup is ready to lend a hand.

Need to change a product image? Update a description? Add a new category or page to your site, but you're too busy fulfilling orders or managing your brick-and-mortar location? No problem! Subscribe to our Concierge Service and our team will take care of these mundane details for you, so you can focus on your core business.

We'll also bring our expertise to bear in helping you with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), polishing and optimizing your page content, images, titles and tags to help increase your page ranking and conversions.

Idea Connection Systems Partnership Model — We're not 'Contractors', we're 'Partners'
“We partner with our clients, because
your success is our success.”


“After speaking to you the numerous times over the past week, I feel like I want to expand my store… feeling secure that if I need help with it, you’ll be there. If I could send you something to show my appreciation, I would, but being against company policy, a sincere thank you will have to do.”

— Jennifer Lehrfeld, The Favor Maker, LLC

“Glenn is an asset to your firm. He is very helpful, excellent knowledge of your products. He has helped me in the past to resolve problems that I just couldn't deal with. He is always patient, courteous, and stays with me until we work the problem out. Never gets impatient with how slow I am to understand. You should give him a raise to be certain you don't lose him. There aren't many like him out there in the business world. Please express my appreciation to him.”

— Carlton Faulconer,

“Thank you, Glenn! I really appreciate this - your explanation is very clear. I had read all about this in the manual, but still didn't completely understand how it worked. I will follow your recommendations - thank you again!”

— Kathie, Cotton Ridge Designs, LLC

“Hi Glenn, Thank you so much for your call back and email explanations! With the information you provided, I called PayPal Merchant Technical Support and they were able to walk me through changing that URL. It now directs to a ProStores page and it should work (he says and I hope!). I really appreciate your follow-up on this matter!”

— Laurie,

“Glenn and Darlene - You have no idea how happy I was to see the results of your work… Everything looks great and your updated version is now set as my default. I know the work you did was more than is usually considered "normal", but I truly appreciate it and your efforts kept me as a customer.”

— John,

“Thank you Glenn! It works great! Thank you for making those changes to the home page. I think we will keep them... Thank you so much for your patience and help! Once again, we are very happy and satisfied with our experience with ProStores. Have a great day!”

— Clarissa,

“Thank you Glenn! You're Terrific! That looks so much better!”

— Karen,

"Dear Glenn, That's purr-fect! Where did you come from? Ive been asking for these for months and no one could do it. Im so grateful... I cant tell you how great its been to have someone "fix" my issues instead of saying it can't be done."

— "Miss Kitty", The Cat's Pajamas

"Glenn, you are the man!!!! I followed your instructions and got it... Thanks a lot!!"


"Hello Glenn, I can’t express how great it looks. It is way above anything we expected. You are a magician. I know what I see but I do appreciate the work you’ve done behind the visible... Sales have really picked up thanks to you. The store is more than holding its own."

— Bruce,

"EXCELLENT service very fast resolution to my issue and EXCELENT help!"

— Cody,

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